Thursday, October 12, 2006

12th October 2006 Lunch Time

I owe this blog to Chris Miller from Chicago USA. I recommend that you visit his blog and website one day.

Well there’s a cool guy in a very hot place doing a very good job. See here

I am a keen supporter of English sculpture especially those who seem to have faded into obscurity in the 20th century. People like Flaxman, Westmacott, Gilbert, Frampton Ford and Stevens. I hope to build up a list of links for interested bloggers to follow these and many many more.

It is time the English saw and approved of public sculpture. The rest of Europe seems to have delightful works for the sake of “Art” in all sorts of places, but here they seem to be controversial or virtually non existent.

We still have a glut of wild rabbits and I am glad to hear that the Buzzards have had a good breeding year. Perhaps our ponies will have some grass next year. “Charlie” is an Appaloosa (Spotted American Breed) and aged 30. “The Smoke” is a Shetland of no known age except he too is getting on a bit.

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Blogger chris miller said...

Hi Robert -- thanks for touting my site. Now I'll have to get busy and put up something new this month.

Have you ever seen the sculpture books written by Kineton Parkes ? He does some very nice surveys of European -- and especially British -sculpture , c. 1920.

I've found several unfamilar names, thanks to him --- even some Australians !

3:43 am  

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