Sunday, November 19, 2006

German Sculpture?

I am loathed to put my head above the parapet in this very healthy discussion over the merits of German sculpture, but I’ll risk it!

I remember a very “Teutonic” wooden sculpture which had been looted from a large country house in Germany at the end of WW2 but because of its Nazi connections the owners refused to accept it back again. It was therefore given to the regiment where it remains to this day having travelled around the world a couple of times. It is of a young adult couple kissing, not particularly erotic but enough to fire up a few young bachelors no doubt.

Artistically it is not in the same league as this picture here, but because of the style I assumed that this one here was also German of about the same vintage; mid 1930s. Can anyone identify it?

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Blogger chris miller said...

It puzzles me as well, Robert --and I'm not sure that it's Third Reich German -- which seems to prefer a more robust female -- and doesn't really go for this kind of tender, sentimental moment. For example --
this Schmid-Ehmen seems more typical.

Maybe it's English ??

1:33 pm  

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