Thursday, November 09, 2006

Professor Reinhold Hohl - he can not be serious.

Just sometimes I see red. My family would say often, as “grumpy old male syndrome” has kicked in early for me.

But this takes the biscuit. I won’t come to blows over it but I couldn’t agree to disagree. Umm, a bit like that one “I can not stand intolerance of any kind”!

One of the great and good, a Professor Reinhold Hohl has come up with this statement on the Henri Matisse's works below: but as McEnroe would say “He can not be serious”.

The “error” as (Gauguin said), of the Greek Sculptors from 480 BC on, was undone! What the art of sculpture lost in “fleshly” realism was regained a hundred fold in sculptural reality.

Greek 460 BC

I must have misunderstood them.

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