Wednesday, January 17, 2007

21st Century Figure Sculpture

Above is one of Chris's own works you will find there.

I am immensely chuffed to be added to Chris Miller’s 21st Century Figure Sculptors. Here is his remit for this part of his very comprehensive website which until recently covered only the 20th Century. It is a magnificent achievement and a very valuable data base of an important area of art which has been manifestly over looked since the 1920s.

21st Century Figure Sculpture

This page presents the lost generation of figure sculptors --i.e. those born after 1940 -- into an art world that offered extensive access but little in the way of education or public appreciation for the qualities manifest in the previous 3,000 years of world figure sculpture .
This is an era for low-brow sensationalism, middle-brow sentimentality or high-brow alienation -- which is not to say that good sculpture has not been made --- but that it's hard to find.
These sculptors are outside the narrative of modernism -- and many American museums like the Met and the AIC stopped having regional exhibits after 1950 --- so exhibtion catalogs are not a source of images. But gradually - through local displays - the assistance of friends -- searching the internet -- and just dumb luck -- I've been finding more and more
Chris Miller

I insist that you visit as a matter of urgency:


Blogger chris miller said...

I had to resort to the English-American dictionary to translate "Chuffed" -- which seems to be a tricky word to use properly -- since "to chuff" is a very common, unpleasant activity.

But assuming that you used it in the positive sense -- I am quite chuffed myself !

12:03 am  
Blogger Robert said...

Oh Chris…. not my naivety again! It’s old slang for “bloody pleased”.
Oh Chris…. not my naivety again! You got it, it’s old slang for “bloody pleased” except it is a bit more than that, it includes the feeling of pleasure which goes with being flattered. There is an English bird called the "Chuff" which has a bright red breast which it puffs up. I imagine that’s' where it came from.
The word “chuff” in your Anglo American dictionary caused me much merriment! I will be able to dine out on that one for years to come!

4:33 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

PS I got the bird wrong, it should be the chiff chaff not the (chuff) -chough which is a crow with a red beak.

9:25 pm  

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