Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Peabody arms

I just visited a blog by trying the next blog key. It was rather sad really, like mine not that many comments! In fact it had no comments at all and it read just this:

Is there anybody out there?
OK, I admit it. I'm not exactly a blog virgin, but I'll admit to a slight curiosity when it comes to 'text with strangers'. Everyone these days has a blog - and the first thing they do is to send the URL to all their mates so they all blog away to each other in the same way they would a group email. So, my question is long does it take before a complete stranger stumbles upon a spanky new blog, when the blogger hasn't told a soul that it's 'out there'. Shhhhhhhh.

So I left a message. I wonder if they will answer? Or how long I will have to wait. Or if they have forgotten this little line! Is it a he or a she? It would be interesting to do a person profile based on this short paragraph and the short profile given. Female, 33 etc. Now an astrologer or one who reads birthdays etc will have an advantage if you believe that sort of thing but just to analyse what he or she has said in more challenging.

see :

I wonder if it's a Pub (Public House or Hotel)? Why Peabody? I'll try a search engine.



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