Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Snow from the north?

We live slap in the middle of Thomas Hardy country.

Here is Weatherby castle just to the north of us. The picture was taken about midday today with snow predicted soon! The little bridge you can see in the middle of the picture is the site of the Roman Road that runs East /West across the picture just south of this Megalithic Hill Fort. There is a 18th century obelisk hidden amongst the trees. The actual fort itself is huge with ditches and everything you expect to find on such a site.

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Blogger chris miller said...

Can you make more posts about local sights and history ?

I've been keen on English history since reading Costain's "The Three Edwards" -- and I love the detail of people and places.

Has your family lived in this area for a long time ?

5:11 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

Difficult to know where to start. I'll try and do one a week. My grandfather (paternal) has Norfolk origins and he married into a Sussex family. My mother’s parents were Irish and Scottish, quite a mix really. My wife and I moved here 20 years ago mainly because of the Dorset coast line and countryside. We are the only county in England not to have a motorway. There are lots of castles and big houses etc and we can boast of a lot of dinosaurs too!
These are borrowed pictures, I will replace them with my own in due course, they are on one of my dvds. We have two important sources of stone for Sculpture (and building): Portland and Purbeck with stone masons all over the place. We live about 10 miles due north of Durdle dor between Portland and Purbeck.
The coast is a world heritage site. See more here:

9:45 pm  

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