Thursday, June 28, 2007


I had a really great day yesterday in the V&A, my first e-meeting.
I had the privilege to meet two of the best bloggers in English.

My camera does not like the lighting in dark museums and so my pictures were very disappointing. I do hope that soon our technology will overcome this difficulty of long exposures, camera shake and noise. The beautiful works from Japan, India, Persia, China and Europe that I took are not good enough to show here. Camera shake is the main problem when flash is not favoured; but I have a few to share that show a record of the day.

I have to admit I got off to a bad start. Apart from being late I got them the wrong way round, I took Conrad for Gawain, once that was sorted, things could only get better! From their blogs I had imagined them to be much older. (I hope they will see that as a complement.)

Gawain is a mine of information. I stated that I was happy to tag along and listen. This was a wise suggestion on my part as an unstoppable flow of knowledge proceeded from him for the following five hours. Regardless of origin he talked effortlessly on objects of great beauty, much of it in depth. Only Conrad was his equal, tripping him into further elaborate justifications of technique, skills, origins and relevant history.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is substantial and you need a week or so to just get round to see it all. If you were to do it in the depth we went to yesterday, you would need treble that time.

Meeting Conrad and Gawain was a great treat and one I would happily repeat.

We struck up a disscussion with an equally bright person.

This wine cup was quite amazing.

Two beautiful little portrait heads in wood.

This plate would have inspired another short story from Saki! (H.H.Munro)

I am an admirer of terra cotta and the female form, clothed

or otherwise!

One specially for Simon Holloway in Australia.

May I finish with a funny story at my expense! I predicted I would be late so I sent a message by text as follows.

" late, as predicted eta 10 30 vanda coffee restaurant robert"

After half an hour spent in interpretation I had completely foxed them!

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Blogger SFH said...

I'm flattered, thankyou! And jealous, as well, of your e-meeting. I look forward to being able to read what the tablet says properly, although the only parts that I can make out are in German and my German is, as yet, not good enough.

11:09 pm  
Blogger Amanda J. Sisk said...

I am intrigued by the wooden head on the left...approximate scale? Do you have any more images of it?

11:28 pm  
Blogger chris miller said...

How I wish I had been there !
How I wish I could travel around the world at a moment's notice !
How I wish I could fly like a bird!
How I wish I had the harem of a Turkish Sultan !
How I wish....

OK -- enough with the wishful thinking.

Shouldn't I be content to have met the three of you fine, eccentric gentlemen via internet ?

What more could a time-wasting blogger really want ?

(note to Robert -- museum visitors need an image-stabilizing chip in their cameras -- since museums usually do not permit tripods)

11:41 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

The little wooden heads were beautiful Amanda. About 9 inches high. Technique on hair was superb.

Not just the camera that's a bit shaky Chris, but yes I know. My camera is a Nikon D70, 3 years old so no stabilizing chip. Promise to get one when I make a profit from my Christmas exhibition. Hope you can wait that long!

12:13 am  
Blogger Susanna said...

London has such amazing museums.

so great to have a visit from you. Yes, I update a lot. Sometimes my inner dialgue just builds up.

I needed a good meaty V & A Robert post.

6:47 am  
Blogger Sir G said...

hello robert!
well, it was wonderful to meet you, too! and yes, lets do it again, though maybe not in london this time.. come to see us in Lisbon next spring?

10:05 am  
Blogger Conrad H. Roth said...

It was fun, aye. I've been thinking about John Locke pictures...

10:26 am  
Blogger Robert said...

I have been looking him up!!! (Locke I hasten to add!)

10:43 am  

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