Friday, August 24, 2007

Mackennal in New South Wales

In case you missed the pdf of Mackennal here is an example of what it contains. Particularly good work here, shows especially well what a rock can contain!
Find it here or visit and send us some even better pictures please!


Wednesday, August 22, 2007


When I first visited Chris’ Millers Figure Sculpture site more than a year ago, I noticed that there was no mention of Australia and New Zealand which worried me. I spent some time trying to find some examples to offer him but failed to fine anything suitable on the internet and so had to accept defeat.

Until now;

Now I have been more successful, Absolute arts has announced an exhibition of one of Australia’s sons Bertram Mackennal. Find it here

There are other Australian sculptors like Harold Parker,

Nelson Illingworth, C Web Gilbert, William L Bowles, Theodora Cowen and of course…………

Norman Lindsay see above.

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Monday, August 20, 2007

Good Luck

Pink for a Southern Belle - Susangelique

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Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Ashmolean Museum in Oxford

At Easter I visited Oxford and inevitably spent much of my time here at the

Here are some of my pictures from one of the oldest Museums in Europe.

Roman if I remember correctly

The enticement to go up stairs

Was well rewarded!





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Friday, August 17, 2007


I came across Power’s "Greek Slave", above, through a search for “Parian Ware” a medium in which I have recently completed a commission.
(see for a brief history)

Slavery and the history of slavery are not subjects I know a lot about, but it is a subject that crops up quite often in "browsing" Fine Art.

Many Painters and sculptors have depicted or illustrated the condition with their own agenda in mind. In my naivety, I like to believe they intended to stimulate the “male gaze syndrome” only to draw attention to the issue; to cause guilt in the male conscience and anger in the female one and a positive reaction in both.

Anyway, whatever you may think of their intentions some of these works are beautiful and the work well executed.

My school had a “house” named after Mr. Wilberforce and I post these images in recognition of this anniversary year when such suffering was abolished in the British Empire.

Lilli Wislicenus' "Captive"

The Abastenia St Leger Eberle, above named "White Slave", is as controversial now as it was when first exhibited in the 19th c. This was part of her protest against prostitution as well as the “accident” of White slavery in North America.

White Captive is a specially beautiful work as is the next one below

by a Scottish sculptor Thomas Clapperton

Slavery was not new, here is one example from Michelangelo

No other details on this one.

But can you help this blogger? See

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