Wednesday, August 22, 2007


When I first visited Chris’ Millers Figure Sculpture site more than a year ago, I noticed that there was no mention of Australia and New Zealand which worried me. I spent some time trying to find some examples to offer him but failed to fine anything suitable on the internet and so had to accept defeat.

Until now;

Now I have been more successful, Absolute arts has announced an exhibition of one of Australia’s sons Bertram Mackennal. Find it here

There are other Australian sculptors like Harold Parker,

Nelson Illingworth, C Web Gilbert, William L Bowles, Theodora Cowen and of course…………

Norman Lindsay see above.

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Blogger chris miller said...

I am, of course, ashamed of this omission -- and shall begin a page of Australian sculpture -- as soon as I'm done with the Japanese.

(but now that I've learned how to search for Japanese names in kanji,
I'm finding so many, it may take months to get through them all)

British-Canadian-Australian all seem like they're in the same family of visual language.

4:11 am  

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