Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chicago and The North of England

So what is it about Art that connects Chicago and the North of England?

A couple of years ago a stone sculpture was stolen from a country house in the North of England and eventually turned up in an Art Dealers in Chicago.

Now we hear that The Art Institute of Chicago was sold a fake Gauguin sculpture from where..... the North of England! Story here

I wonder where that Henry Moore bronze which was also stolen from the North of England is?

But now an important question ; OK so it's a fake, but for ten or more years many people have admired if not loved it. Is it now less of a work because it is not a Gauguin? Do we now relegate it to the bin? (trash can). If the Art Institute has been reembersed who owns it and is it now worth more? After all Gauguin's sculpture is generally thought to be inferior to his painting. I do not condone forgery or law breaking but this makes a good story and some red faces.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Advice on the first frost in Dorset

Advice on first frost in Dorset

Clean the chimneys and light the fires.
Feed the animals and family.
Snuggle in with a bedfellow,
Sooner rather than later.


But stop a moment, before all that, go and see The Snow Queen.
A few weeks ago before I was distracted in London, my wife was given two tickets for the Ballet as a special birthday present.

The Snow Queen is Michael Corder's third new work for English National Ballet. Using one of Conrad’s emphatic words “bloody” good it was too.

Things I applauded:

  • The standard of dancing

  • The costumes

  • The set, lighting and visual effects

  • The music arranged by Julian Philips from various sources by Prokofiev

  • a great orchestra.

No detailed analysis, just go to see and hear it.

I recommend you choose a seat where you can look down on the stage. The reason will become evident if you do, you will miss something if you ignore this advice!

Great night out for all ages.

Next post will be in defence of Millais after I have been to see it Conrad.

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