Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ceramics and Sculpture

This delightful group, picture courtesy of Jan’s Antiques in LA, is after a model by Clodion and illustrates Terra Cotta (Baked clay)
A fun mug on the right from Jerusalem, a gold fish in the bottom, about 1953.

This is parian ware again (Baked clay) from a collection at Athelhampton House.

This is a child’s "night light" 19c.

Detail of two ducks on the plate below.

I just love it. Someone tell me its origin?

This is all in response to Chris Miller’s ceramics, I think I need to justify my feelings for ceramic materials. My wife likes this mug above, I think it very dull. The use of Terra cotta can be just wonderful.



Blogger chris miller said...

Welcome to the ceramics club, Robert!

You've got some real finds here -- especially that whacky oriental plate. Where does it come from? Perhaps another galaxy?

Of course, the Clodion-like piece is my favorite - maybe I'll try something like it this year -- I've really been going terra-cotta crazy -- because it's so nice not to have worry about mold making -- and so enjoyable to work from soft to hard. In my perfect life -- I'd be working with a different model every day of the week.

I haven't really gotten into glazes -- that's for my next lifetime -- this time around -- I'll just enjoy the surface work of others.

4:15 am  

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