Saturday, March 12, 2011

Rodin and the thick ankles

A couple of years ago I went to dinner with one of my clients. It must be said that it was a fascinating evening and filled with happy memories, one of which I must share with you.

I had just visited the Rodin Exhibition in the Royal Academy in London and noticed yet again that Continentals seem to have think ankles. Now this must be a matter of opinion and I have bored the living daylights out of my readers on the subject of thick legs in horses etc etc, but in this I was again holding forth after the consumption of one or two glasses of fine claret. To my right was a charming gentleman, a retired successful engineer who had helped me erect my work earlier in the day. After listening to my strong protestations towards Rodin’s ankles he very gently put me at ease. Lifting his trousers to expose his ankles he inform me and the keenly listening other dinner guests that he was half Italian, his great uncle had been Rodin’s model and did I think he had thick ankles!

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