Friday, September 19, 2014

Berlin Again, Helmut Otto Exhibition

We made a short visit to Berlin in Germany to see an exhibition of a renowned water colourist Helmut Otto in the Galerie Forun Berlin, Kollwitzstrassa 54. His paintings will no doubt appear on Artprice in due course as there were some significant sales. His attention to composition and colour balance has yet to be bettered. The range of subject matter was a delight and the expression of atmosphere in each work was extraordinarily effective. I wish I could afford him!

These pictures of the gallery do not give it justice but it was a delight and the presentation of the paintings could not have been better.

Enroute we stayed in Brugge, thankfully short on tourists, and a joy to see in the September sunshine. This work caught my eye, interesting signature.

(Driving to Berlin seems a daunting prospect but strangely enough it was very easy and a great deal greener than if we had flown by air. Speeds on Motorways/ Autoroutes/Autobahns had to be seen to be believed. 130 kph is quite fast by English standards but in places Germany does not seem to have speed limits, quite 'hairy' if you are not used to it.)

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