Monday, December 29, 2014

Frosty Bronze Princess

"I thought you might like to see how mystical she looks on a frosty morning."
My client sent me these great photos of his Arthurian Princess with these words in an email which I was delighted to receive.

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Seasons of sculpture

Here is a very early work. It reminds me of summer. 
And this to remind us of what may come this winter.
Autumn, Hey Look At Me.

(Spring will be added when my new website becomes live.)

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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Garden Treasure in the Henry Moore Foundation

I came across this quite by accident and wonder if Chicago would be interested in it? Chris mentioned that he hoped some Art would come to him. Seriously though, this is in the garden at Perry Green, home of the Henry Moore Foundation with the following description:

 Bronzefrau Nr 3 recalls Moore's iconic reclining female forms - the figure is life-sized, cast in bronze and placed on a pedestal in the open-air. Yet here, the body is contorted and even mutilated. Schütte abandons Moore's optimistic humanism, presenting the human condition as both nostalgic and dystopian.

As a work of "Art" it is well executed, the concept - frightening and the pedestal looks rather uncomfortable.

This is a wonderful organisation for Sculptors and interested followers of Sculpture should not pass it by.


Friday, December 05, 2014

Brugge Again

The wooden pulpit is just amazing, the detail and composition is somewhat complex to say the least. It would take a month to give this town's art some justice.

If you happen to visit mainland Europe then don't miss out on Brugge, the Architecture is worth seeing of course, chocolate excellent and the Art worthy of considerable attention. Here is a tiny glimpse. Go in winter as you may find fewer people around. (There is also some more contemporary sculpture worthy on note, one of which I have shown below in a previous post on Berlin.

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Installation of Princess Helizabel (Arthurian)

Someone asked about installation of bronzes. This looks simple but actually not so easy at all.

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Tristram's Death Bed" by Harry R Mileham FRSA

This painting has been wrongly attributed to Ms Stokes by Christopher Wood who admitted to have "miss guessed" the monogram signature. Robert Mileham

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