Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A Garden Treasure in the Henry Moore Foundation

I came across this quite by accident and wonder if Chicago would be interested in it? Chris mentioned that he hoped some Art would come to him. Seriously though, this is in the garden at Perry Green, home of the Henry Moore Foundation with the following description:

 Bronzefrau Nr 3 recalls Moore's iconic reclining female forms - the figure is life-sized, cast in bronze and placed on a pedestal in the open-air. Yet here, the body is contorted and even mutilated. Schütte abandons Moore's optimistic humanism, presenting the human condition as both nostalgic and dystopian.

As a work of "Art" it is well executed, the concept - frightening and the pedestal looks rather uncomfortable.

This is a wonderful organisation for Sculptors and interested followers of Sculpture should not pass it by.



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