Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Willow Man Bird Attack

Willow man first appeared near the M5 Motorway many years ago (2001) when that bit of Somerset was just a very flat rather windswept field. We used to admire it as we shot past going North or South at 'around' 70 mph. Made from willow on a steel frame it was remade after an arson fire by the Artist Sculptress Serena de la Hey. At 40 foot high (12 Metres) it must have been fun to make.

I considered doing a horse in Dorset inspired by this work and using glass fibre but the local planners gave it the thumbs down: there is a wind turbine there now!

Willow man is seen here from the other side (non motorway) a little worse for wear again. Birds attack the poor chap for nesting material!

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