Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Art Parks, Visit Great Sculpture

The Channel Islands are a great place to visit and I recommend Art Parks on Guernsey which has a good collection of sculpture. Art Parks have a web site if you can't get there tomorrow and if you are planning to add to your Sculpture collection here's a good place to look; here
It is just a hop across the sea from Weymouth, here in Dorset.

Building A New Sculpture Web Site

Building a new website sounds easy once you have mastered the software or programming. The trouble is that it has to be good; one has to be ambitious and the more one sees of other peoples webs sites the more ambitious one gets. However time is valuable the line must be drawn somewhere. I think the key words for a successful sculpture website must be: simple to use, good photos, adequate information plus contact details, and up-to-date.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Frederick MacMonnies

Happy New Year.In my continuing search for Great Sculpture of all time (see link on the right), I had rather discounted, an American Sculptor, Frederick William MacMonnies, 1863-1937 known for such horrors as this in the Metropolitan!
But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that in Brooklyn New York there is a triumphal Arch not unlike ours at Hyde Park in London showing some serious skill, and no doubt well known to New Yorkers.

But much better still I have found two works, clearly very similar to each other which really do warrant a place in my top 100+. "Horse Tamers"

Pictures from SIRIS-Smithsonian Instiution.

Well I found them on the map. They seem to be on eitherside of the entrance to Prospect Park Brooklyn. The internet is useful. Can anone tell us more about them?

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