Friday, November 30, 2012

He has been visiting us and he left the taps on! I hope the water companies will save some of it. I will let you know when they declare a drought again!


Michael Whynot said...

Hi Robert,
Just happened across your site. Is this (river god??) one of your sculptures? There is no description regarding sculptor, size, medium etc.

chris miller said...

wOw ! So many wonderful pieces.

But like the fellow who made the first comment, I'd really like some identification!

Robert said...

Hi Michael, very remis of me I forget now but will look it up for you, hope you like the Berlin selection, will put some names to them soon too. Robert

Robert said...

Augustin Pajou, Michael, not me!

Swati Srivastav said...

What wonderful pieces from Berlin.

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