Friday, February 02, 2007

Religious Icons

As with so many religious icons this image of motherhood caused much of a “stir” in Merry England when it was erected in Bladon Valley Briantspuddle.

Marly's connection with “the washing of feet” in Cassatt's painting here on Chris Miller's blog was a connection I had not made before.

As the father of four children I witnessed and the trials of Motherhood and shared some of them. Probably the easier ones! I recommend all would be fathers to attend the birth, it will set them up for “life”.

I had gone down to the village to take a picture or two in the “sun” and as you can see it was shining for a change. I have no intention of getting into a political or moral debate but as I looked at this war memorial it saddened me, not just for the two great world wars but for the fact that our countries are again at war. When will it ever end.

If you have the time, you may find this article about a chap I knew in the Army in the 70s. He was a lot older than me! He was “different” then and one may not have agreed with him on everything, but he seems to be doing some things right in Africa now.

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Blogger Marly Youmans said...


Thank you for sending me the lovely "buried house"--it is perfect for me, as my two children's books (written for my daughter, who wanted 'a book for her') both have such disguised and blended-with-earth houses.

I shall use it some time, if you don't mind! And link, of course.

So this piece is in Bladon Valley--in Bryant's Puddle Park? I see there is such a thing. One could make a grand tongue twister out of these place names, all b's and p's.

As for war, I suppose it won't end until the world ends. It's a broken, broken world... But keep making art out of the pieces.

2:18 pm  
Blogger chris miller said...

What an interesting man ! -- James Ellery -- and what an interesting head ! -- just like a Roman Senator.

You should do a portrait of him.

1:30 am  
Blogger Blue Genes said...

Thank you once again for the comment though my lunch is not nearly as glamorous as you think. That story was mostly made up. I'm a vegetarian, I never drink soda and the last time I purchased any kind of potato chips was during the 3-day black out in NY when we had no fridge and had to kind of grab all the non-perishables we could get while supplies lasted. But I thought the "Is this all together?" and the layaway plan part was worth
a little story or at least a little diversion from more serious affairs.

Quite a phallic representation of motherhood, don't you think? No moralizing intended here either, just an observation.

You know the common adage that the two things you can always depend on are death and taxes? Well, I've always contended that we need to add "war." It's always happening somewhere and can be quite profitable so it ain't goin' nowhere, alas.

6:25 am  

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