Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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What ever you may think of the subject matter the technical difficulties involved in firing something this size are enormous. Again you must see it in reality to get the real feel of it. My hand is not still enough. The lighting is perfect for the naked eye but flash would distort the image. Next time I will take a better picture with a steadier hand. I am not quite sure if I dare take a tripod in.
As you can see, I have some rather better examples of "parent and child relationships" above this one and, yet to come, (check English sculpture blog later). I have some 30 odd photos yet to up load and will do so a few at a time.

No need to say much about this one it is very dramatic in the "flesh".

The Eric Gill as promised. I have little to say other than he had quite a colourful life! (Gill I mean)



Blogger Susanna said...

that first statue is amazing. They look so real, even the way the childs hand is pulling. And her covered head in the profile angle is very beautiful

What is the scale? Is it life size or bigger than life size.

3:57 pm  
Blogger Blue Genes said...

I really like the first one too. Is the second one Achilles being dipped by Thetis?

6:13 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

Susangalique, yes it is quite stunning in the flesh. I suppose it is slightly less than life size. I will post another version later so you can see the size better.

Blue genes, yes , please forgive my silly English, immature sense of humour. It is a work by Thomas Banks (1735-1805) an Englishman and indeed it is "Thetis Dipping Achilles in the River Styx".

The press release which includes a list of works can be found here:

Another famous work of his in London is this one:

A brief history can be found here:

I will be adding these to my English sculpture blog soon.

10:37 pm  
Blogger Marly Youmans said...

Is the first one life size or more? What a frightening thing, the firing!

12:27 am  
Blogger Erik said...

Now I realize what inspired the inventor of Asterix and Obelix to let Obelix have fallen in the magical potion as a small child. He certainly had to fall because I think he was too heavy to dip, but this made him stronger than Achilles as he could be covered by the liquid totally.

9:09 pm  

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