Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Undergraduates' will not be distracted

Should I ever be an undergraduate attending this splendid university in the future I am quite sure I would be reminded just how wonderful the world of Art is. It will inspire me to work harder and improve my work environment. One thing’s for sure though, the 'beauty' of this sculpture will not be a distraction! Once you've seen a giant's pen holder..........bit like the tee shirt syndrome really.

It is time for the 20c experiment to be laid to rest. Let's move on and find new ground. Story here



Blogger chris miller said...

This is sculpture as architectural detail -- and lover of cathedrals that I am -- who am I to complain?

Except that -- this is no cathedral -- it's about as bleak, foreboding, and dismal a space as I an imagine.

If Mordred had built a university - this would have been it.

1:03 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

As Humans are in the larger category of Mammals so I would agree one might add architecture to sculpture but I am not happy with that at all.

The problem is that this structure wouldn’t keep the rain out nor will it have somewhere to plug in your laptop, let alone rest your head or keep warm. As a place for praying, I suppose that depends on your needs at the time, might work as an aerial to God, it certainly would have lousy acoustics for singing or music of any sort.

No, all I can see is that it might be of use as a very big biro holder like the ones you find in a bank!

Even Mordred would have had more to say that this obsolete construction.

1:39 pm  

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