Friday, August 29, 2008


Ummm...see comments on the last post but one to see why I added this.



Blogger chris miller said...

Call me a perv -- but I love finding beautiful nudes in a cemetery -- they so enhance my contemplation of eternity.

I've just stumbled across photos from this this wonderful cemetery in Bilbao.

No nudes (the Spanish are a bit more conservative than the French or Italians) - but spectacular none the less.

It's a real shame that cemetery sculpture is no longer in fashion among the wealthy and powerful. They would all rather donate something avant garde to their local museum.

4:46 pm  
Blogger Susanna said...

this is fantastic!!!!!

7:58 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

Thanks Susangalique; one might not forget that one quite so quickly especially if you prefered the female figure!

Hope the hurricane isn’t too close to you, keep safe.

Chris did I ever tell you about the cemetery at Brookwood? I must dig around for some pictures, some great stuff in need of renovation and care.

10:46 pm  
Blogger Banba said...

Being portrayed as a beautiful youthful, woman on one's grave is a wonderful thing, especially if she were perhaps past her prime when she died.

1:50 pm  
Blogger iODyne said...

"Peter Schipperheyn completed his artistic training in Melbourne and Rome and in 1979 was awarded an Italian government scholarship to study marble carving at the Academia di Belle Arti, Carrara, Italy. In 1992 Schipperheyn received the Wynne Prize for two enormous heads carved from Carrara marble. Major commissions include a relief panel honoring Dame Joan Sutherland for the Sydney Town Hall, a baptismal font for Saint Stephan’s Cathedral, Brisbane, fourteen “Stations of the Cross” in bronze for the Notre Dame University in Freemantle and an “Eternal Flame”, made from Australian granite, for the Holocaust Centre, Melbourne. In 2003 the McClelland Sculpture Gallery and Dame Elizabeth Murdoch Sculpture Fund commisioned a major bronze sculpture, entitled “Thus Spake Zarathustra”."

1987 'Asleep' commissioned for grave of Mr. Laurie Matheson at Macedon, in regional Victoria Australia.

3:01 am  

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