Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Contemporary Sculpture

On the subject of contemporary art, I have seen this work and liked it. The foundry told me it was extremely difficult to do. The outside of the shell is highly burnished; you can see your face in it! This clearly illustrates just how versitile bronze can be. Some of those figures on Philip Jackson's website are big, very big!


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Blogger chris miller said...

I suppose I should add him to my list - although I don't care for this piece -- or most his editions of small sculpture -- they all make me long for things that are better designed.

It's as if -- he were making sculptures to go on stage sets -- behind some singers or actors -- but not strong enough to live on their own.

But still -- he is "sculptor to the Queen" -- and I like his "Fighting Bull"

3:54 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

It is a case of seeing them in the flesh Chris, these pictures really do not do them justice. I seem to remember that some of the Venetian figures went to Florida, I saw them in the foundry they were very large with great 'presence' and very creepy.

The egg figure was amazing in the flesh. Ok it was a long time ago now but it made an impression on me and usually I do not like things like this.

5:43 pm  

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