Saturday, November 15, 2008

Darwin Big Idea

Today is the start of a new exhibition at the Natural History Museum; Darwin 200

I was sent this book for providing a picture of the sculpture of Thomas Hardy by Eric Kennington for the start of chapter 10. It was published to coincide with Darwin 200 events in Great Britain.

Darwin was born in 1809. Celabrations have been jointly organised by NHM with the American Museum of Natural History in New York, the Museum of Science in Boston, the Field Museum in Chicago and the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.

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Blogger Lucy Corrander said...


My name is Lucy Corrander and I have a blog called PICTURES JUST PICTURES where I post a photo every day.

Today's (16th November 2008) is of one of the Dorchester Martyrs by Elisabeth Frink.

It's an unusual picture for me to chose because I don't usually post photos of 'art' - it's like cheating. But, for a reason I can't explain, this one really drew me - and I put it there.

Someone immediately left a note to say it came first on Google when he typed in 'Dorchester Martyrs' - so, surprised, I took a look . . . then I started looking up the other Google entries . . . and landed here

. . . so, having arrived . . . I thought I would say 'hello'.

Um - hello!

Lucy Corrander

10:03 am  
Blogger Robert said...

Welcome Lucy,
I love your blog, there are some great images on just the first page and I will be back to look for more in your archive.

For me, my blog is for things I want to say, whether people listen or not. Some do and there is communication across the world. Indeed, most of my flowers are for individual “e-friends” or a particular “diary” entry, a record to share.

As a sculptor Art is different, it is a passion; I have to share it with as many as will look. Forgive me if you feel I am cheating, creating my own and sharing the art of others is a part of my “reason d’être”.

Thank you for arriving and saying hello, do come again please!

11:09 am  
Blogger Lucy Corrander said...

Oh no! I didn't in the least want to suggest you are cheating in showing your work and the work of other sculptors on your blog.

What I was meaning, is that if I were not careful, it would be cheating for me.

This is because I am trying to show pictures that are (without meaning to sound grand about it) works of art in themselves. If I take a photo of something someone else has created, then I am displaying THEIR art, not mine.

This is also why, although I show a lot of photos from nature, I don't show gardens - they are already expressions from someone else's artistic eye.

But photography in the service of art (bringing sculpture to others through photography) is important in its own right - and there are particular skills involved in that too!

Interesting what you say about flower photos. One of the self-limitting (but breakable) statutes for PICTURES JUST PICTURES is not to have photos of flowers - which is, in part, why I also have LOOSE AND LEAFY - where I give myself more free range and lots of words.

Aren't blogs wonderful that you can do what you like with them! Although there are millions, I still think, on the whole, their value and potential is under-estimated.

Glad you like some of my photos. I look forward to hearing any comments you may have on them.


11:58 am  

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