Saturday, April 03, 2010

Shocks from the River Piddle

About three weeks ago “puppy” and I were walking along the River Piddle with mind in neutral and spotted a Sea Trout (possibly a Salmon) the size of my leg. He waggled off at some speed upstream unimpressed by our appearance. Well that is one for the book I thought in March. A few days later we got another surprise. Crossing a small foot bridge, we saw it again, at least we thought at first; it rose to the surface, a long black “snakes head” appeared and kept on coming, launching itself vertically like a child’s toy rocket into the sky and flew off with puppy in hot pursuit across the water meadows some way behind. This was an adult cormorant in a very small river. A week later I discovered another surprise by the river bank. I believe the leftovers of an Otter’s breakfast. (see picture of the River here,places,52,River-Piddle,4.html )

Spring is at last showing its signs, very late and it is fun to see my puppy “pointing” at bumble bees and toads in the garden. She is six months old and all she has seen so far in her short life is a long and cold winter.

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Blogger BIG STATUES said...

I really love your site! I'm a sculptor as well and I would love you to check out my blogspot and let me know what you think!

6:35 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a great little diary entry, Robert, and I keep going back to see it (but putting off telling you how much I like it, sorry). It's all there: spring, new life, promise of happiness. You really ought to write more often.
I had another long look at your sculpture last week too and thought what first-class stuff it is. Keep bringing it on.

12:04 pm  
Blogger Robert said...

Thanks Big Statues, I enjoyed my visit to your site and blog. I like the soldier, you have captured the "slog of soldiering" very well. I’ll go back for another look soon if I may.

Great to hear from you again 100 swallows. I have just returned from Paris after a painfully short "long week-end" with my grown up children. We went to the D'Orsay as I had not been before. There was some good work there, I especially liked Carpeaux's Terra Cotta maquettes and there are of course some important works there too (!). Sadly some of it was closed for renovation but we were lucky - not too many people - Iceland's volcano had something to do with it I think! (Every cloud has a silver lining as they say – sorry couldn’t resist...) The restaurants in the Latin Quarter all had spare capacity on Saturday evening. I will be over your E –Way again soon, there is a matter un-resolved I think!

4:43 pm  

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