Monday, September 19, 2011

Four Legged Ghosts

I still hear them calling me when I let the dog out morning noon and night, slightly bazaar as I don’t believe in ghosts, but it is strange. My little spotted pony was 35 years old last month and sadly failed to regain condition this summer. The Shetland was deaf and laminitic, he too was of great age; in his late thirties. I miss them dreadfully but the winter is not so far away and I am going to light a fire tonight as it is cold. The field is very empty without my four legged friends or should I say family as we have had them for more than twenty years.

Charlie, or Charlotte, the Appaloosa, came from the circus; she was a wonderful child’s pony, did not suffer fools gladly, was a great jumper and made sorties for charity, pony club and pony camps. She also kept Smokie under control.

He was a dream, pulled wheels with great enthusiasm, carried children through fords, old tanks out of the rough (Eddy Page please note and report back!), a gentle softy with characteristic Shetland mischief which Thelwell illustrated so well. He was an expert escaper and as good as any Rabbit at avoiding capture but always knew when to give up! RIP

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Saturday, September 17, 2011

St O's Bay Olympic Sailing 2012

A rather special photo, looking West towards Start Point with Weymouth visible in the picture. The olympic sailing will take place here next year, quiet now and nodoubt quiet again afterwards!

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Country house birthday party

I think I must be very lucky to be invited to amazing parties occasionally. House parties still happen as I was to experience recently. Held in one of England’s most beautiful country houses my host, the birthday boy had three things in common with Mr Toad, a generous spirit, a kind heart and a want to sing at his birthday party!

We played tennis, we played croquet, and there were quizzes, dancing, a long walk along the hills by the sea and of course an abundance of food and wine. But of singing we let rip, raised the roof and wow what fun. Thank you David and family; Happy 60th.

PS I sailed there, and got storm bound again.

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Purbeck Sculptors at Leeson House

I was recently invited to join Purbeck Sculptors a group based in Dorset and our first Exhibition was held in Leeson House over looking the Western end of the Ise of Wight. There were literally hundreds of works to see, here are just a few. It was well attended, with a couple of thousand visitors over the week.

"Ten Purbeck Sculptors, nine invited sculptors, five selected sculptors, all with one aim in common;
a unique collaboration, exclusively showcasing an eclectic mix of contemporary sculpture, from some of the South's most accomplished three-dimensional artists, working in a diverse variety of mediums and styles, from willow to wire, and from the classical to the contentious!

Featuring work from Andrew Thomas, Marzia Colonna ARBS, Jonathan Sells, Greta Berlin, Robert Mileham AFAS, Vivien Mallock ARBS, Scott Taylor, Richard Atkinson-Willes, Moira Purver ASWA, Emma Pickering, Martin Debenham, Carlotta Barrow, Chris Burke, Robin Beuscher, Sue Lansbury, Kim Creswell, Jo Burchell, and Jamie Hart. It was a new experience for Purbeck, as an exhibition of this kind has never previously been organised in this area before".

Should you wish to be shocked then there was always Gallery 4!

Visit the website for more details.

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