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The Victoria and Albert

My favourite London Museum.

With respect you will be pleased to hear that it caters for the aristocracy, the landed gentry, the professional, the bourgeoisie, and the proletariat and of course the academic, the learned and the clever. In simple words it’s got something for everyone.

It covers nearly every culture in the world in depth. It is different than The British Museum in style and revels in the Arts.

It is not pretentious or high browed and the staff are friendly and professional.

You feel you just might bump into Mr. S. Holmes in the next room. Are you wearing your blue stockings?

The Coffee House (Café in French) is delightful, the ceiling (above) unusual, this picture does not to it justice. The loos are free and clean too. You are allowed to take photos and as it is so big I have not found it crowded. Enough, now the important bit;

Here is a sculpture room with a new exhibition still being put together described and attributed in my English Sculpture Blog where you will find any English or British Sculpture I like enough will be posted there.



Blogger Blue Genes said...

Robert, it's funny how we are so in sync today. I wrote and posted by latest blog about coffee and then went to see your comment and blog with the museum coffee house (beautiful ceiling!) My cousin had a baby yesterday and low and behold your English Sculpture Blog features "Mother and Child". I personally liked the movie "Mars Attacks" very much and I'm usually not indulgent toward Hollywood comedies. Have you seen that one? It's pretty crazy but since I do so much typing and so few things are hand written nowadays I find it awkward to even hold a pen and my penmanship has degraded into the illegible. Don't ASCII me why.

9:21 pm  
Blogger Nabeel said...

hmmm .. i like this sculpture .. why was it not completed? well I can see the meaning behind it I guess .. face is not needed .. what do you think about large scale sculptures? like the statue of Zeus (one of the ancient wonders of the world)

3:42 am  
Blogger Sir G said...

i think it will be my favorite museum, too, and i will finally get to see it this july. the poor despised decorative arts. you despise them and what you get is the stuff we have to live with today.

why dont we have a cuppa at the cafe?

how far is Dorset Sculpture from the V&A?

11:37 am  
Blogger Robert said...

Gawain, this sounds like an excellent idea. I live 118 miles away so if you get in touch and let me know when you are going to be in London we can meet up. You will love the V and A, and I will give you some other ideas of things I think you might like from what I have deduced from your posts. The last two I have had to print out as reading so much from the screen takes too long! They ran to 14 pages packed with “gems”.

Blue Genes. Mars attack was bought for my youngest son for his birthday a long time ago. Our elder son however decided it was far to frightening for him and banned it. He however rocked with laughter and kept it in his room so his sisters couldn’t see it either until we interviened. So it has happy memories of our eldest child. Can’t say I remember much of it though except that heads blow up unexpectedly. I will dig it out for the youngest now in your honour.

Nabeel. I wonder if you mean this one which I admire very much : Thursday, November 09, 2006, Professor Reinhold Hohl - he can not be serious.

or the Temple of Zeus?

On the other sculpture in the V and A, I will place them gradually on this blog or on the English Sculpture one with comments etc.

4:59 pm  
Blogger Blue Genes said...

Are you asking about what I would do or my character? I would go for the coffee with a "something is better than nothing" and "maybe we'll have a great time and this will progress" kind of attitude. I don't know if my character would accept or not. I'll have to ask her. I rarely drink coffee or alcoholic beverages--not for any ridiculous "moral" reasons or anything, but b/c I simply don't much care for them.

Don't worry about digging for Mars Attacks if it will be a major excavation project, though my honor thanks you. I just didn't want to seem snobby by not getting your Men in Black reference and thought of the last comparable film I had seen. Though I did really find the film funny. If you can find it easily, you might as well pop it in the video machine on a day when you're feeling sad and/or need an escape that will allow you to turn off your brain and get out of your head for a while.

7:12 pm  
Blogger Marly Youmans said...

Yes, I remember having a jolly time at the V & A... How fun that Gawain is going a-visiting here and yon.

And he is right, but one has a choice. It is still possible to have lovely, useful objects. One thing I can never quite accept is how western North Carolina can build such ugliness while living with the mountains and with such a strong handicrafts tradition--the descendants of the Scots-Irish and the Cherokee make marvelous things, but have not stopped the destruction of the landscape.

7:44 pm  
Blogger iona said...

I remember Harry hiding Mars Attacks, though he let me what gremlins with him. He could be so mean sometimes.

I would love to go back to the V&A. Everytime I go I have a stormy time,and it's always memorable. Perhaps we could arrange a trip for your Birthday Robert/Daddy, OR we could go and visit Eddy at the Barber. Any other suggestions for a Birthday trip welcome.

I lose the thread of your blog so quickly, I wanted to say something about unnecessary ugliness, where the skill and tradition of a people and place should lead to only good things. Oxford is perfect example, some of the buildings are horrors. In such a beautiful city, where most of the land is owned by colleges, how can this have happened. It's the 60's and 70's that were the dark ages of architecture... Prove me wrong!


2:10 pm  
Blogger Susanna said...

My brother is engaged to be married to an English girl and this is at the top of my list to visit. I cant believe the last time I was there I got to go to the Doctor Who museum in the middle of no where and missed the Victoria and Albert. Thats little known secret 1.

Little known secret 2, I posed nude for a sculptor. I felt very avant guard. He also did a plaster cast of my head. I tell you, that is some trust right there. It was really waist up, so my arms were under the plaster. It was the blackest dark I ever saw. The only thing between me and death were two straws in the nose.

Well, I was thinking about your kind remarks on Marlys blog at my fathers passing and wanted to drop in on you.

1:21 am  
Blogger Robert said...

Susangalique welcome; Doctor Who exhibition, when you come again you will I hope be well informed! I’ll try, but I will need to know more of what sort of things you like so will visit your blog more often.

I think you were very brave indeed to do the plaster cast, it is a messy business and plaster is unforgiving both on tender faces and on the nerves. I have only done a face once, but used alginate which is much gentler. I was fairly panicky too about the procedure but it worked well.

I think again you were very brave to pose for your sculptor unless you knew him well. He was very lucky too, a good model is worth their weight in gold. Not many girls are that willing to bare all even to be cast for eternity!

My first time in “a life class” I was so shy I tried not to look, then realised I how silly I was being but still didn’t want to be seen as if I was looking to hard! My salad days, but it is still a sensitive situation for both parties, Artist and model. One time I was in a one to one situation it was rather bizarre. A male model wanted a sculpture of himself. His is much older than me and he was very professional about it all, but it is not often I stand in my studio with a 70 year old naked man for company. He is now the happy owner of a small sculpture. I was kind, an artist does not always have to sculpt what is really there!

Your brother must have good taste. He isn't the first...! Do wish them well, 'corse she has good taste too!

No need of course to answer but Susangalique is a lovely name, is it your e-name or real one?

11:03 am  
Blogger Susanna said...


What a great reply. I have you book marked already :o)

although I must warn you my spelling can be a crime! Most of the time I save my proof reading skillz for papers and I leave a comment and think it looks fine then wind up getting embarrassed later, but Marly thinks I am funny. I have the distinction of being her first interview for "I interview my visitors". She is so fantastic. The interview is here if you are curious and didn't
catch it:

My real name is Susanna. I got Susangalique from Dark Shadows, a gothic soap opera from the 1960s. One of the characters was named Angalique and when goofing around I stuck Sus to angalique.

Hope you and the fam are having a great day. BTW-loved Mars attacks! I forgot all about the exploding head thing. THat music would would make anybodys head explode and loved Tom Jones in it (at least I believe it was tom Jones)

12:59 pm  
Blogger Blue Genes said...

What a bunch of decadent heathens! You're definitely my kind of crowd. I too posed nude for a few art classes way back when. It was the only work/study job at my college that paid double the normal work/study wage and it was for art... It is only the anonymity of my blogging identity that allows me to say this. If this situation should ever change I will probably kindly request that you erase this comment. As you obviously know, it's really hard work. Once I was posed (clothed that time)on a chair with my legs folded and they went completely numb. When I could finally get off the chair I didn't feel when my feet hit the floor and collapsed. Since your comment on my blog had so many points it will be easier for me to answer it there.

5:11 am  
Blogger Blue Genes said...

Sorry about my mix-up. With so many dogs and spouses in the world, sometimes it's hard to keep up :~)

9:24 am  

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