Friday, July 18, 2008

George Washington on American soil in England

Charles I in Trafalgar Square, London

The best known sculptures in Trafalgar Square are of course Nelson’s, the lions and the fourth plinth (!), but we also have a few others including some from North America. One from a rebellious colony Virginia, gave us a chap with an English name and some American soil for him to stand on, the other, a more recent ‘work’ is above, ummmmm interesting, from Canada.

In reality, I can’t think of a more English spot for George Washington’s portrait. He stands in front of the National Gallery and looks down towards Whitehall and Charles I (who’s heading that way on horseback at the top of this post). To his right stands the first Scottish English King, James I (Charles' father) but most days George can hear a fellow countryman or woman chatting in the square in front of him or eating a sandwich on the turf before him.

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