Saturday, February 17, 2007


Chris Miller showed us his Christmas Meal so I will show you our lunch today in tribute to Blue Genes and her egg diet en France and my daughter who is having trouble with a parrot which will not let her fill his water trough.

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Blogger Blue Genes said...

Pas de soucis pour des commentaires sur les Francais, j'ai le sens de l'humour ; et puis, comme je suis americaine je n'ai franchement rien a foutre. (Pardon my French.) Je suis la premiere a me moquer de mon mari, c'est quand meme mon boulot de conjoint n'est-ce pas ? Sinon, a quoi je sers ? Tiens, on a mange a peu pres la meme chose aujourd'hui ! J'ai bien aime le blog de la petite anglaise. Merci de me l'avoir indique.

12:37 am  
Blogger Lucy said...

I finally got around to buying and trying quail's eggs last year - I love their turquoise colour linings!
Who is 'la petite anglaise', then?
Nice to discover you, I think I've seen you over at Marly's? We lived in Dorset just before coming to France.
Re old men in town centres (sculptures of) I quite admired the bronze of Nye Bevan in Cardiff, but the one of the rugby player (Barry Johns?) in the shopping centre there used to get reverentially fondled a litle too much on International Days...
Thanks for visiting mine, I'll come over here again too.

11:53 am  
Blogger Robert said...

Welcome Lucy. I really can’t remember how I found this one but her valentine post is beautifully written and reminded me of all the trips we have made to France when all ours were little.

I expect Marly would like it too though I think it was from one of her links I found it. I will have a search for your sculpture of old men!

Dear Blue Genes, against my better judgement I will have a shot at a reply in French, it will be good for my little grey cells; what’s left of them, but I will need time!

Jusqu'à plus tard (thanks Microsoft!)

2:15 pm  
Blogger iona said...

Oh Daddy,

I can't believe that you've put a packet of eggs on your blog. 30p is an excellent price of course, and they are pretty but a tesco finet packet of quails eggs!

Will we get yo see your pancakes of Tuesday, I am sure you haven't forgotten that it is Shrove Tuesday this week!! I can't wait! And today is Chinenes New Year, The year of the Pig I think. Specking of which I'm hungry.


PS. CRUK is Cancer Research UK

7:33 pm  

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